Aashna Kanhai

Ambassador of suriname in india

My daughter started her musical journey at Mozartsy at the age of 2.5 and continued till she was 6 yrs.
The workshops created musical awareness at a very early age and at the same time I spent fun-filled quality time with my child.
The props and music instruments used during the workshops, make the musical experience very real!

Thanks Sonam Aunty for awakening the Soul Of Music in my child!

Ivan & Natalia Susak

2nd SecretARIES | Embassy of the united states of america

We remain grateful to Sonam for giving the lifetime gift of rhythm and musical appreciation to our daughter.  We took her to Mozartsy classes in New Delhi during our time living and working there.  It was an absolute highlight of our week the whole family had so much fun dancing, clapping, and exploring musical instruments together.  We loved Sonam’s positive, engaging, and warm energy, and her innovative approach of combining learning about musical concepts and instruments, crafting, and rhythm and movement activities.  MOZARTSY was our favorite thing to do with our child in Delhi, and today we feel that she has a much deeper appreciation for music and understanding of rhythm thanks to that early childhood exposure.  

Agostina Di Stefano

samarpan foundation

MOZARTSY is an amazing experience for my daughter Julia.
She loooves Sonam Aunty and she really enjoyed and learned a lot in every class.
I also had beautiful moments listening to great musicians (I cried listening to the sitar, it was memorable) and laughing with meri beti.
its clear that Sonam and her team are dedicated to give the best to each child.
Sonam: I really appreciate the tons of energy, respect and love you put in your classes. See u soon!

Anasuya Roy & Deepak Chaurasia


My daughter today is 6 years old now and started MOZARTSY when she was 18m. She has become a confident young lady who does not shy from going on to the stage and perform because she has been with Sonam for the last 4.5 years and I can see the difference music has made in her life.

Not only does she know the notes and has opened an entire universe of music for her she has as an individual I believe become much better human being in the classes she has learnt to look out and help out the young ones and follow the older ones. This imp value she has taken with her as she stepped into the world.

Music makes her happy her first baby steps to dance to music were taken with Sonam . At a time when u find children loud and pushing and demanding she is much more sorted and I give music the credit. She can spend hours listening to music dancing and not get cranky.
Thank u Sonam and the team for making my daughter a better human being !!

Arti Khanijo

Head marketting - kylin

My little one started Mozartsy when she was only 15m old. She was initially bit hesitant but then after 3 classes she just blossomed. She enjoyed the class so much that during the week also she used to only practice Sonam aunty class with her hello and bye bye song.. She has become more confident and is one step ahead in her age group. She just loves every bit of her Mozartsy class and specially when Sonam aunty takes her guitar. She started making her own compositions and loved singing all the time. I think it was a great decision to start Mozartsy with her. It really helped her to come out with different skills and get more confident. She is now 5 yr old and has done various stage performance also with Sonam. First one when she was just 2 yr old, which I was expecting she won’t because of too much crowd, Sonam helped her generate a passion for singing which made her so comfortable on the stage. Thanks Sonam and MOZARTSY for doing these classes for little ones and making them a better individuals !!

Shweta Rajpal Kohli

country director, government affairs, salesforce

Sonam is truly magical. She has inspired both my kids to love music in a very special way. Her energy is infectious and her love for children is evident in the hard work she puts into making each class a huge success. Both Zaisha and Zubin have done multiple programs including MOZARTSY and the RHYME & CHIME, and loved each one of them. This helped build a good foundation in the early years for them to now enjoy learning both vocal music and musical instruments. I’m proud to say that Zaisha is learning Western vocals now and Zubin is our little percussionist, enjoying all instruments ranging from tabla to drums, djembe and Cajon! Hope Sonam continues spreading the love for music! Thank you for helping them take the first important baby steps in their musical journey. 


Senior Vice President and Head of Legal with Teleperformance DIB

Sonam’s skill, experience and love for music makes her the best my daughter could get in form of music exposure. Her love for music is contagious and inspires you to put more time into the music. Since we joined MOZARTSY, I saw such tremendous changes in my daughter in terms of being more vocal, ready to experience new things and her interest in music and dance increased manifold.The level of patience and personal attention that Sonam brings to MOZARTSY programs separates her from the other music teachers or programs. We recently started the personal coaching classes and I am totally impressed by her way and style to approach teaching a 4.5 year old!

If you have a 1 year old, don’t wait, just join MOZARTSY programs and see the amazing growth in your child through these fun programs. The earlier you start the better it is. My daughter has repeated the sessions 7 times. These programs not only benefit the child but they also help parents connect with their child through music in an amazing way.

Saakshi Verma Menon

Head brand & strategy india SA - uber

MOZARTSY is possibly the best place I have seen for kids around town!

My son loves every class and looks forward to it.

Thanks to the fun Sonam brings into music – not just him , me and my husband also all look forward to the classes!

Its just one of those things you do that makes sure you have a big smile on your face ! Keep up the super work Sonam.

Aarti Laxmanan

Global Head- Corporate Communication, UFlex LTD

Joining MOZARTSY has by far been the best thing that could have happened to my child’s learning!

My older daughter Kaashvi started when she was just 9 months olds and continues even now when she is 5+. My younger one also started at 16m. They have learnt to CLAP, JUMP, HUM TUNES here- all thanks to the fun, spirited sessions of her favourite Sonam Aunty! There is clear excitement to be seen on my children’s face, each time they attends the classes.

Mozartsy also brings in an excellent blend of Indian and western music n dance. The individual attention that each child gets here along with the experience to explore some unique musical instruments is fantastic! The art n craft activity teaches us how one can make cute little instruments with even waste!

Mandira & Jayant Kumar

partner with kpmg india

6 years ago when we first got to Sonam Aunty .. My little two year old fell in love with music , rhythm, instruments and most importantly with our favourite Sonam Aunty. From rattling off her songs to pretending to be her I can’t begin to tell u how magical it wasAnd encore 4 years later the little sister is as enthralled…
To be able to give such young children an introduction to music and to teach them to love it is Sonam’s greatest gift..
We love you Sonam aunty.. keep shining and spreading the joy as u do 💕

Rhimjhim Priyadarshini Tandon


My daughter is 2 years 5 months and this is her first step towards music & melody. I was extremely keen for Sonam’s classes. The journey so far has been one musical adventure with my daughter getting extremely fond of her n her musical sessions.The kind of energy that Sonam puts is beyond words and her involvement with the kids is very warm n loving. I myself can’t stop tapping n enjoying the sessions. Bringing music to the level which the kids can enact n enjoy is extremely well thought. it’s very neat work that she is doing n I am glad that my daughter is part of it.Kudos to Sonam n her team .keep doing the good work 🙂

Richa Nagpal Gautam

head - shared services & operations | NDTV news

MOZARTSY is one place my kids have loved going to every single time! It’s been 5 years for my elder one and 3.5 for my younger one (who’s 4.5 now!). Sonam aunty’s charm is so immense that I could actually negotiate a lot of things in the name of taking them to her class. Her exceptionally affectionate style customised for every single kid makes her ‘extra special’ for each of them. We have tried each type of her classes and repeated them many times- MOZARTSY where kids love to explore different instruments, Rhyme & Chime where kids have fun in a musical way and learn the basic concepts of music / rhymes, Foot Frolic where they let loose and dance to various tunes with excitement as well as individual classes now for learning guitar from their favorite Sonam Aunty! They also participated in Christmas Choir/ Mother’s Day choir held at different forums by Mozartsy which has given them so much exposure of being on stage and performing all by themselves at an early age!

Truly recommend Mozartsy for not just introduction to music but to help in overall development of young kids. Music is not just a part of life but it’s useful in every part of life! And what better than Mozartsy where it also comes in such a fun way that even we as adults can enjoy!

Nayela Ahmad Kamaal


A melodious introduction to music inundated with love and affection of Sonam Aunty. It’s explicitly a wonderful place for kids, not only their lesson plan but the way kids are looked upon and nurtured, they undoubtedly develop a lifetime bond with music. My 3yr old son knows his favourite instrument now, what else a teacher can give and what else a parent can desire, a kid with an interest to ensue. Really loved every bit of it and would definitely love to continue to keep my little Mozart bloom to the fullest every note of Sonam Aunty’s enchanting Euphony.

Sonam & Raghavpat Singhania


The best music school for toddlers and kids. Sonam aunty is the best. The kids have music in their life because of her.
My kids have been going to Mozartsy for 4 years from the time they were 1. They have done Rhyme and Chime and Introduction to Instruments many times. Repetition was very important so that they understood the concepts being explored and also because they really enjoyed the classes.
They did Foot Frolic once, took part in Mother’s Day Choir and are now learning Keyboard with her. Their favourite has been the Introduction to Instruments. The concept of exposing them to so many instruments and music from different parts of the world is really amazing. It also gives the kids a chance to experience everything and decide on what they want to pursue further.
The choir gave them the confidence to perform on stage and was a proud moment for us parents.

Her excitement and energy is contagious not just for kids but for parents as well. Kudos to her for starting something so special.

Mandira Wirk

fAshion designer

MOZARTSY is not only a brilliant experiential Music & Dance school, but it’s a home to our little ones. My daughter has attended so many creative, innovative workshops of Sonam as she comes across as there friend , there buddy , there Mentor. Kids feel absolutely connected with Sonam as soon as they see her, like I said, it’s there second home for kids for there recreation. Sonam you are the BEST!

Sandeep Sangha


Sonam is a Rockstar , who brings concerts to a room!! Believe me the flagship Mozartsy program is nothing short of a very well organized musical rendezvous with some beautiful instruments in the hands of acclaimed artists. We attended all her programs one after the other and loved every bit of it. Lots of love and blessings.. May team MOZARTSY bring music to the lives of many more kiddos and mammas and papas!!!