Music & Dance Workshops | Birthday Parties | Corporate Shows | Virtual Concerts & more

MOZARTSY has been conducting ONLINE music & dance workshops, Zoom birthday parties, individual sessions, corporate family engagement programs, online music concerts and more. Our online sessions are impressively interactive, engaging, lots of fun and colorful that you can join from the safe environment and comfort of your home.

Here are our online workshop offerings:

  • MUSIC IN THE BOX  with Sonam Aunty

This happening online workshop is a fun-packed 45-minute session hosted by Sonam Aunty for 1-6 year olds. We will share the instructions before each class for home-made props etc., which will begin to creatively engage parents and children alike even before the session starts. The session itself will provide a creative outlet to your little ones who are stuck in a confined environment, by constructively engaging them with music and fun games in a high-energy setting. We bet you, your kids will get hooked to these instantaneously!

MONDAY & SATURDAY | 8 sessions | Next term starts November 2020

Twice a week for 4 weeks  | 5:00 pm – 5:45 pm IST | 45 mins per session

Platform: Zoom |Age: 1yr-6yr olds | Fee: Rs 8000/- to be paid in advance


  • DANCE IN THE BOX with Sonam Aunty

This is the online version of Foot Frolic, our creative movement & dance workshop (3 – 7yr olds). This workshop will guide the little ones to synergize various dance movements with the music they love. The session will start with warm up exercises, and then the kids will be guided into theme-based dancing and also creating fun home made props to dance with to make it fun. The sessions will end with exciting kids yoga postures.

TUESDAY & SUNDAY | 8 sessions | Next term starts November 2020

Twice a week for 4 weeks | 5:00 pm – 5:45 pm IST | 45 mins per session

Platform: Zoom | Age: 3yr-7yr olds | Fee: Rs 8000/- to be paid in advance



Sonam, the founder of MOZARTSY, is available for hour-long online music and games sessions for children of employees in the age group of 1yr-10yr. Sonam is a charismatic musician, teacher, child entertainer, and a music therapist. Sonam will curate a fun-oriented music and game-themed session for your company to engage with your colleagues’ toddlers and older ones under ten years of age. Sonam’s sessions are very interactive and we are sure children would be immediately hooked onto the music and games she will conduct. The session will be held on Zoom Platform for one hour. The sessions are locked so they are completely secure. Let us know if you are interested in booking a fun engaging session for the children of your employees. Fee: 200 US Dollar to be paid in advance.


  • ONLINE BIRTHDAY CELEBRATIONS | Both for Kids & Adults 🙂

You have experienced how magically your kids fall in love with music in our workshops, and now with MOZARTSY Celebrations, you can add a musical zing to your birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers, surprise parties and other events and celebrations. The sessions will be personally hosted by children’s favourite Sonam Aunty, the founder of MOZARTSY. The sessions will include kids entertainment using fun Musical props. It will also include musical games and orientation to music concepts for kids & adults. Add on Fun Fact Quizzes, Scavenger Hunts, Musical Bumps and alot more. With a Live Countdown and lots of surprises you wouldn’t want this online birthday party to stop. The session will be held on Zoom Platform. Fee: 200 US Dollars to be paid in advance.


  • RHAPSODY INDIVIDUAL SESSIONS | Both for Kids & Adults 🙂
Rhapsody offers one-on-one Guitar, Keyboard, Piano & Western Vocal instruction for all ages ( Kids, Adults & Seniors) in a fun inspiring and pressure-free setting. Classes run all year round, so you can join anytime! The class duration is a precious 30 minutes of super fun experiential learning on an individual basis under the direct instruction of some fabulous teachers. 
Keyboard/Guitar: Ms Sonam Upadhyaya ( Founder, MOZARTSY)
Guitar (Acoustic/Bass/Ukulele): Sir Vibhor Saini ( Director Saraswati Music College)
Violin (Acoustic/Electric): Sir Sharat Chandra Shrivastava* (Hindustani Classical & Rock violinist and music composer from Senia gharana)
Western Vocal & Keyboard: Ms Lina Grueva from Bulgaria ( classes will have to be kept keeping in mind the time zone difference.)
Indian Vocals/Harmonium: Shri Ashok Polkondwar ( HOD, Indian Music, Saraswati Music College)
Western Jazz Keyboard: Mr Alex Fernandes (Maestro, MOZARTSY)
Flute/Bansuri: Shri Satish Pathak Ji (Maestro, MOZARTSY)
Drums & Percussions: Mr Vir Singh Brar & Mr Vibhor Saini (Maestro, MOZARTSY)
Tabla/ Djembe: Shri Amaan Ali Khan (Maestro, MOZARTSY)
Sitar: Shri Fateh Ali Khan (Maestro, MOZARTSY)
Saxophone: Mr Elton Fernandes
Fee : Rs 9600/- for 8 classes on a once/twice a week basis.
Days: Tue, Wed, Fri, Sat, Sun
Available between 4pm – 9pm
Duration of Class: 30 minutes
*Get in touch with team MOZARTSY for fee and duration of class related to Sharat Sir.

Call us at 9560001000 or email us at to know more about our online workshop offerings.


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