Exploring Musical Instruments With 1-5yr and 6-10yr Olds
Once a week for 8 weeks | 60 minutes per class

The MOZARTSY® Workshop exposes kids to eight different Indian & Western Musical Instruments via LIVE Performances by Maestros in their fields. It gives your kids a first-hand feel of musical instruments, and allows them to absorb the sounds and relate them to the respective instruments! Listening, singing and rhythm concepts will be taught as kids have fun exploring music. We will combine music with movement. Kid's creativity is explored with musicians in each field. Classes are 60 minutes. The workshop includes: Sing-along & DanceI - Listen & dance to the beats of the instruments being played live in the class & enjoy free dance time with your child. Hear & Play – Kids touch try and play musical instruments - Guitar, Keyboard, Drums, Tabla, Dhol, Violin, Harmonium & Flute.

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